Feb 072014
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  wall shelves

Make on your own unique wall shelves of recycling materials!

    Sometimes, when you make on your own wooden wall shelves, they could be more useful then these you can buy in a shop. For example look here at these shelves for wine. They are made of old boards and their construction is not complicated at all. But they serve perfectly to arrange bottles of wine and glasses for wine consumption. It’s a suitable solution for shelves in tavern or home wine-cellar, because this retro style fits perfectly to the themes of the premises. If the furnishing in the premises is ethno style then the harmony will be complete. In this concrete case, these shelves are made of very old, amortized of the time wood. But it’s not a fault, just the contrary it becomes an advance in comparison with the modern lustrous furniture in the shops, because of the function they exercise. With a little technical skills and suitable instruments everyone could cope with the challenge to work on his own these beautiful useful shelves. If you appreciate it would be better, you can polish them with a transparent mat lacquer to clean them easily. It’s a wonderful solution for tavern, where people consume the wine in the bottles and its longtime preservation isn’t necessary. When you need to preserve it for a long time, the wine in the bottles must be in a lying position to avoid drying of the corks. Then air could enter in the bottles and that will make worse the wine quality.

wall shelves

    Here is another example of old wooden shelves you can work on your own.

They are made of old massive treys, which are fixed well on the wall and they can contain a lot of things. You can use them as a bookcase, a place to save documents, you can even arrange on beautiful souvenirs or a bowl with flowers. The choice is yours. It’s important that you’ll get enough free space for your objects on these wooden shelves!

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