Jan 022014
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Winding flat loaf

tasty flat loaf


It’s a beautiful and tasty flat loaf.

The ingredients you need are the following: a box of yoghurt at room temperature, a teaspoon of sugar, a flat soupspoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking soda, 20 gr. fresh yeast, 20 gr. molten butter, 3 eggs, 100 ml oil, and about a kilo of flour. Make a leaven of the teaspoon of sugar, the smashed yeast, 1-2 soupspoons of flour and some of the yoghurt. Sift the flour and do a well. Put in it the baking soda, the salt, the rest of the yoghurt, the oil, the whole eggs and the white of the third one. When the leaven starts to bubble, add it too in the well with the liquid. Knead soft and non sticking dough. Leave it to rise and triple its volume. Divide the risen dough for this tasty flat loaf into three not equal parts, as shown on the picture. Take the half of the dough and roll it on a rectangular sheet about 0, 5 cm thick. Coat the sheet with the molten butter. Roll it on a tight roller. Spread baking paper without any oil on the tin where you’ll bake your flat loaf. Place the roller you’ve just made on the walls of the tin, then cut it at approximately equal wheels about 1 cm thick, and rearrange them one on the left and other on the right. Take the second bigger part of the dough and roll it too on a rectangular sheet and in the same way make a tight roller. Cut out 2/3 of this roller and twist it around the inner row of the wheels. Tear a piece the size of an egg from the last third of the dough. Form a ball of the rest of the dough and put it in the middle of the roller. The left 1/3 of the roller cut at thin equal wheels about 1 cm thick and arrange them on the small roller one beside the other. Roll the last piece of dough on thin long band. Wind it round and use it to decorate the tasty flat loaf. Leave to rise about 15-20 minutes. Coat it with the yolk of the third egg before baking. Bake in a preheated oven to 180 degrees till readiness. This winding flat loaf is very tasty and you’re going to make glad your favorites people, when you serve it fresh baked.

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