Mar 262014
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        vegetable garden

Make an interesting vegetable garden! It will give you the pleasure of working and a lot of tasty and fresh vegetables for your table!

     Spring is almost knocking at the door and the agenda theme comes with interesting suggestions for the garden. The garden is a place where besides flowers and other beautiful plants, delicious vegetables and fruits can be grown. Here you can see some easy to do and very practical ideas for growing fresh home-produced vegetables. With the help of some old wooden pallets you can organize the perfect vegetable garden, which can be maintained easily and where you can plant a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices. Fill the space in the pallet with some ecological fertilizer and soil and mix them well. Seal well the soil and sow your seeds or seedlings. Water regularly and remove the dried leaves and plants.

vegetable garden in the yard

        And here you can see a vegetable garden in plastic bottles for recycling. Take a few bottles of mineral water from 5 or 10 liters and cut them as shown. Fill them with some mixture of soil and fertilizer and sow the seeds in them. The advantage of this vegetable garden is that you can take it in a warm place into your home to avoid freezing of the plants, and when the outside temperature is suitable, you can bring it out again and put it in the sun. This way you can speed up the vegetation of the plants and you can enjoy your fresh lettuce in early spring. In the same way you can sow chillis or sweet peppers, various spices and herbs, and even cherry tomatoes. You need only to control the soil humidity and fight with the enemies.

vegetable garden or flower-bed

         There are many interesting solutions for different vegetable gardens, with the sole purpose of growing real organic vegetables which you could eat with pleasure. You can even make a quite practical vegetable garden of plastic gutters for houses. They are made of UV-resistant plastic and they practically age very slowly. That means that they could be used more than five years after making a vegetable garden or flower-bed. We hope we’ve been helpful with these practical suggestions for your garden.

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