Nov 182013
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vase with balloons


If you want to have a lovely and functional vase, we` re going to help you to create your masterpiece.

With the help of some boxes and cups, different size and form, and different color balloons, you can change your interior. Choose some cups, small boxes and bottles with various shapes for your unique composition. Take one of the colored balloons and cut it carefully with scissors, where its enlargement starts. Get on the large part of the balloon from the bottom and pull toward the opening of the chosen bowl, so the balloon can reach the border. After that take the end of the balloon from the tighter part, open it, without tearing it and pull on to the opposite direction to overlap the two parts. If there are thin folds while pulling, carefully strain them so the surface of your vase becomes smooth. If you estimate that your vase needs a complimentary decoration, you can use paper scotch with some figures to stick, or a ribbon in one of your favorite colors, which you can put on where the two parts of the balloon overlap. Through the opening fill in some water and put your beautiful flowers in your unique colored bowls with balloons, you` ve made on your own. If you want to offer such a vase, you can attach a small congratulations card, made of you, too! 

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