Nov 132013
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useful things

useful things for home and kitchen


                  + you peel and cut potatos and you don`t have possibility to use all, you can save them for a certain time by powdering with flour.

                   + bread is not fresh anymore, you can pour it with a glass of water, than cover it with folio and put it in a hot oven for five minutes. You will take it out fluffy and with a crispy crust.

                  + you boil unpeeled potatos, it is good toad a little vinegar in the hot water and they won` t crackle while boiling.

                  + you work the orange peels you can get a very tasty orange syrup. For this purpose in one kilogram of sugar grate the peels of 4-5 oranges, add a half liter of water  and a tea spoon salt of lemon. After the sugar has melted, strain the syrup and you will get a concentrate for a fresh orangeade.

                  +you stir a whole egg into the soup it easily curdle. That` s why it is desirable to put only a yolk into the soup, while keep stirring.

useful things


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