Dec 062013
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useful path


You can make a beautiful path in the garden using this useful adviser – the picture.

First, you have to decide where this beautiful allay will be. And after that you have to level the ground. You need some whole trunks, which you have to saw with an electrical saw or another instrument at, comparatively equal in thickness, discs. It’s advisable to use beech or oak trunks, because the pine, poplar or lime ones decay quickly and you won’t be pleased with them for a long time.
      Here is a useful tip:
      They have to be obligatory very well dried and polished with a high-quality lacquer for wood at least 3-4 times, before you lay them on. Cover the allay from below with a thick polythene sheet to avoid weed growing. Level up the path as you fill there some sand and arrange the cut discs at random, but leave some distance between them. After their arrangement, level them up; fill the gaps with coarse sand. Sideways sow flowers and shrubs on your choice, which will delight your eye, whenever you pass there.

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