Nov 152013
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useful advice for kitchen

useful advice for kitchen

useful advice for kitchen

Do you know that:

                               +Potatoes will become exceptionally tasty if you add some gloves of garlic when they are boiling, frying or roasting.

                               +The cake won` t become thinner after baking if you put it on warm to get cool gradually. You mustn’t stand a sudden change of the temperature, because the cake just fall or cave in the middle.

                               +Stew will be much tastier if you pour on the thickening with warm water.

                               +You can have a very tasty garnish if you add a little sour cream in the sauce of the roast meat and pour on with it garnish of boiled rice or pasta.

                               +Steaks will have a unique taste if before frying or roasting you spread on a mixture of oil and vinegar in proportion 3:1.

                               +Bouillon will be much spicier and tastier if you put the ingredients in cold water and they boil slowly, and after they have boiled up they have to boil for a long time at moderate temperature.

           Wait for another useful tips!!!


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