Nov 142013
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unique shelves

We will show you a good idea how to do on your own interesting shelves for your home.

The good thing is that you don` t need expensive materials, but laths, boards, or ready elements from trays or wooden boxes you can find easily. If you don` t dispose of any ready laths or boards, than you can ask your friends, disjoint old pallets, wooden boxes or trays. You can buy from a building market some elements and then to fit them together. Leave your imagination to work and combine different shapes for the shelves. To fitting, you need screws for wood, a hand-saw or electrical one, a turnscrew with accumulator, a hummer and a screw- driver, a sandpaper for wood, stoutness at least 200, for not to be surfaces quite rough after working. Depending on how preserved the wooden elements are you can keep their natural color or if you want to match them with the room` s interior, you can paint them in one or different colors you want. It is desirable to safeguard them somehow, independently whether they will be in natural color, or you will paint them, because after a time they will darken and won` t look so nice. You have to clean them before painting and polishing, to work them with sandpaper 200 or finer, to clean the dust out of them ant to lay some layers acrylic lacquer or paint, as you watch for the previous layer to become dry. Depending on the size of the shelves, you can use them for different objects. You can arrange your room` s flowers, you can put your books, souvenirs or photos in frame as an accent in the room. It` s very important to fix the shelves well to the wall, so you won` t get any unpleasant surprises. There is nothing bad to do on your own different elements and objects for home interior, because they will be unique and will impress many people. 

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