Apr 252014
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Two unique ideas for home and garden!

unique ideas

unique ideas for home

There is always more to do in a home to make it cozier and more beautiful. Therefore, we show you here a few unique ideas for your home and garden.

In the first picture you can see how to create a unique set of shelves for the wall with the help of square boxes. The boxes themselves can be made of chipboard and edged, or of MDF, and then you should paint them with a quality paint. The best option is to be made of solid wood; in this case you could preserve its natural wood colour, as you just polish the shelves with a transparent lacquer after their fitting. Each box should have a back, as you need at least 3 sizes of square boxes. To fix them well they must have a solid base on which you can fix the separate elements, and which base you will then fix on the wall.

unique ideas

unique ideas for home and garden

More unique ideas!

You can use many unique ideas for the yard or garden. Here you can see how a seemingly very simple draw-well could create good mood and calmness in coexistence with nature.The natural materials from which the draw-well is made ​​ harmonize perfectly with the natural scenery. The facing of the draw-well corpus can be made of river stones or not very large stone plates so you can follow the curved relief of the base. After the stones have been fixed with some quality stone glue for external use, you must wait for the glue to dry and then you have to joint the gaps.After a while you can polish all the facing with a special lacquer for stone, but both glue and joints must be well dried. Then you should make the wooden construction, which must be fixed very well to the draw-well corpus, and as a roof you could use stone plates, Turkish or contemporary tiles. It is important to consolidate very well the whole construction in order to avoid an accident. It will be better to make of stone plates the approach to this wonderful facility and to provide a working site around the draw-well in order to move people safely. More and more people go back to nature, that’s why we‘ll be happy if we have helped you with our unique ideas for home and garden.

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