Mar 212014
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tips for home

Here you can see some useful tips for home, which will help you to make your home more pleasant!

          Make a unique clock in retro style. If you like retro furnishing, this idea is just for you. Take some old boards on which time has left its mark and make on your own a similar clock. If the boards are with a decent appearance you can only join and leave them like this. The joining itself you can do as you put on the back side two cross laths on which to fix the boards to avoid displacement. If the boards you use are thicker, it would be necessary to whittle down with the help of a carpenter’s cutting machine where the clock mechanism will be. The domino elements are a wonderful idea for displaying digits. You can use and other elements like metal digits, small stones or beer caps, which you can color and paint digits on.  To fix the elements use hot silicon.

tips for home and garden

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           Almost everyone had to paint something on his own at home. With the help of this device you will be able to deal with the unpleasant and boring flowing down of the pain on the shank and the painter’s hand.  You need an elastic plastic cap of any can, where you must cut an opening, then put it on the brush a little bit over the soft painting part. Periodically clean the accumulated paint and you’ll see that the painting could be funny!

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more tips for home

            Make a wonderful mini-garden for herbs and spices in the kitchen. For this purpose you need to choose enough enlightened place and there you can create in the shown way you garden for fresh herbs. Fix immovably to a board, which you are going to use as a base, some clips with suitable diameter depending on the size of the jars you are going to use. Then fix well the board to the wall and respectively tighten your new pots in the metal clips, be careful not to break them. You can paint the board in a suitable color according to the interior of your kitchen. Like this, after some time you’ll get fresh and tasty herbs.

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