Dec 142013
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tasty chess-board cake


  A tasty chess-board cake!

      Bake two sponge-cakes – the first one white and the second one colored with cocoa – in a movable bottom cake form. The recipe for one sponge-cake is the following:
     Eggs – 8 in number
      Sugar – 200 gr.
      Flour – 100 gr.
      Farina – 1 packet
      Baking powder – 1 packet
      Ingredients are the same for the brown chess-board cake, just add 50 gr. high-quality cocoa. To get a tasty chess-board cake, beat up the eggs with the sugar till they triple their volume. Add the flour and the farina to the mixture with light stirring and add the baking powder (and the cocoa for the brown). Bake it about 30 minutes to 180 degrees. The cool chess-board cakes cut out with the help of two different plates – a dessert one and a coffee one – to get three different circles. Exchange the different colors to make every cake of two colors. Prepare a chocolate cream, which you like (milk, creamer, or butter one) and stick the two cakes. Decorate this tasty cake sideways and on the top with the same cream and garnish with pieces of chocolatе.

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