Feb 162014
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 vegetable soup   

 It’s a good suggestion for vegetarian food lovers. This tasty vegetable soup could be present at your table every season.

       To prepare it you’ll need the following ingredients: an onion /or 3-4 sticks of fresh onion/, 1-2 carrots, depending on their size, a root of parsnip and 2-3 potatoes. Depending on the season, you can add a little French beans or peas /peas can be frozen or tinned/, 50 gr. butter, a can of yoghurt, 2 yolks, 2-3 soupspoons of flour, vermicelli, fresh parsley and salt at taste.

Cut the onion and the carrots in small pieces and stew them in a little oil and some water. When the water has steamed away and there’s only the oil, fill 2 l of water and add a soupspoon of salt. When your vegetable soup starts to boil, add the rest of the vegetables. The   parsnip cut in cubes, the cut French beans, peas, if you‘ve got /you can improvise here with the vegetables, if you want you can add a finely cut pepper, and if you like piquant food, add a chili pepper/, the potatoes and the vermicelli. When the soup starts to boil for a second time, go down the temperature to minimum and still boil for 20 minutes. In this time, prepare the egg-based thickener. Beat up with an egg-whisk the yoghurt, the yolks and the flour. Ladle out from the hot soup and keep stirring while you add it in thin jet to the milk and egg mixture. It’s very important for the good look of your vegetable soup not to curdle the thickener! When you add several ladles of the tasty soup to the thickener, it will get the suitable temperature and ready to be added to the soup. Pour out the as prepared thickener in your vegetable soup and, while stirring lightly, leave to boil.

After you take it out of the hot plate, add the butter and the finely cut parsley. This vegetable soup is very tasty and suitable for every season.

We’ll be very pleased to get your comments on preparing this tasty vegetable soup or if you ask questions about the site or this publication!