Nov 272013
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 lovely lady-bird


It’s a funny and lovely lady-bird for your garden.

So much fun expects you, if you include and kid’s imagination to work this funny and jolly lady-bird. First, you need a suitable form to mould the concrete body of the lady- bird. It’s not advisable to do it of plaster, because the atmospheric conditions will damage it. Take a half- spherical dish and put in it a plastic bag to safeguard it from the concrete. A useful tip: it’s necessary immediately after concretion – in three days at least – to pull out the mould of the form, to get away the plastic bag, if it has stacked and to smooth and form the body with strong grout to avoid water access in the interior, which will damage the lady-bird later. With some imagination and with the help of red and black pieces of terracotta stones give a finished air to this funny home composition