Nov 142013
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Do you like hominy!?

If the answer is “YES” you can already prepare it at home on your own with the help of our recipe.

      For this tasty hominy you need 250 gr. corn flour, 1 l salty water, about 100 gr. Cheese, red pepper and a little cow butter.

     Put the salty to your taste water to boil. In the boiling water put at thin jet the corn flour, while keep stirring. Go down the temperature of the hot-plate keep stirring until the mixture thickens and starts to detach lightly from the pot. Get out of the hot-plate. Coat with oil or butter a tin, diameter about 30 cm, and put on the hot-plate until the butter get warm. With the help of two spoons take of the ready hominy and form balls, desired size, in the tin. After that do a well in every ball, where you have to put the smashed cheese and pour all over above with the hot oil and butter. Put in hot oven at 180 degrees and bake until your hominy gets a nice crust. Eat with nice red wine!!!

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