Mar 232014
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          It’s a question that everyone has asked – is coffee healthy?


                  And because life is nicer with coffee, we always look for proofs that the coffee use is healthy. But regardless of all for and against, we have to know that we mustn’t go to extremes with the quantity, because it’s harmful in any case!!!

        The main factor on which many studies and arguments are conducted is the caffeine. There are a lot of data that the caffeine improves the concentration and tone, and refreshes the human body after physical or mental load. In case of low blood pressure coffee functions refreshing and helps for the normalization of the blood pressure. If the taken quantity of caffeine is moderate, then it stimulates the brain activity and functions as an antidepressant. It’s interesting that everyone, who wants to start a natural and healthy mode of life, declares that it’s obligatory to give up the tempting coffee aroma. In reality, coffee itself could be healthy in moderate quantities, but often the ritual drinking coffee is accompanied of a number of unhealthy and even harmful habits. At first place this is the habit to smoke same cigarettes with the coffee. Then, while drinking the aromatic coffee some people add inadmissible large quantity of , or artificial sweeteners, which are not quite healthy, too.  Sometimes, coffee drinking is accompanied with eating of enormous number of sweets and use of alcohol.  These are harmful accompanying habits, which stultify the healthy characteristics of the coffee, if you abuse them.

cups of coffee

        You have to know that the use of two to three cups of coffee a day improves the blood circulation in the brain and decreases the risk of formation of renal calculus. It has a composing function in case of asthma, as it dilates the bronchial alveolus and eases breathing.

        It’s impossible to give a simple answer to the question is coffee healthy. But if you have two to three cups of coffee a day, without abusing the use of too much sugar and cigarettes, it can influence favorably and help you for better concentration and work.