Nov 302013
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Christmas ornament


How to make a Christmas ornament? It’s an idea that will let you make on your own a Christmas ornament and be proud of it, when you hang it on the Christmas tree.

You need a phenylethene ball, pins, a packet of sequins and a hook for hanging. You’ll make fast and easily this unique Christmas ornament, if you observe the way and the order, shown in the pictures. So, you stick the first sequin in the middle of the ball as you fix it with the head of the pin. Put the next sequin as you overlap a little the first one. It looks like fish scales and you start to arrange one by one the sequins like a spiral all over the ball. You can choose on your taste the color, as you arrange the colors you want. You can even use sequins type “chameleon”, which are very effective. You can make different size balls to decorate the Christmas wreath. You can use these balls to decorate your presents, too. Using this idea you can work other Christmas figures as bell, pine, angel or wreath. After you have fixed all the sequins, you have to finish your Christmas ball by putting a hook. Tie a ribbon to the ball hook, which will give it more holiday look.

      Surprise your parents for Christmas with your artistic skills!