Mar 152014
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ideas for the garden

It’s time to make ready for the coming spring and to think about the good look of the yard and the green sweep of grass round the house. That’s why we’ll show you some ideas for the garden. 

        A rockery always improves the good look of the garden. For that reason, even located at a level place, you can improvise and create a little corner to be an accent on the green sweep. You need some bigger stones, stone tiles or river stones. Arrange them according to the place and your desire and start to improvise with the exterior look.  To get an effective rockery, it‘s advisable to be disposed southward and to sow dry-loving plants, which can grow at a similar place. With the help of a ceramic jar you can underline your rockery. If you want to create a similar composition on running water you’ll need river stones, colored mosaic and various climbing plants. You can use your imagination to create various compositions, until you achieve the desired result.

ideas for the garden and home

        More ideas for the garden!

         We all know how healthier and tasty the home-produced vegetables and fruit are. If you use old wooden boxes for wine or other similar solid trays or large wooden boxes, you can create a wonderful vegetable garden with a very beautiful look. Fill pure soil mixed with ecological compost in the wooden boxes and you’ll delight the excellent taste of your own produced vegetables. If you have possibility, use drip irrigation system for better results. In this way you can grow herbs or fresh spices for the kitchen.

ideas for the garden and home 2

          Useful ideas for the garden!

           And everyone who wants can weave in his garden this wicker basket with natural flowers! Its working is not at all difficult and e only ecological wooden sticks are used. First, you have to decide what the diameter of the wicker basket will be and to fix wooden stakes into the ground at intervals of 20-25 cm. After that, weave the side-walls of osier, traveler’s joy or other thin and elastic sticks like hazel bush for example. You can get best results with osier sticks. It’s a sort of willow you can find near to a river. Fill the space with soil and compost and plant suitable flowers, which shouldn’t hide the beautiful wooden construction!

             Different ideas for the garden.