Dec 182013
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syrup sponge cake


syrup sponge cake – a classical dessert

To find out how to prepare this classical sweet– a syrup sponge cake, read this successful and checked long years by the author recipe!!! The story of this syrup sponge cake is really old – from the time of my granny. And today I keep preparing it by her recipe. Here are the needed ingredients: 7 eggs, a tea cup of sugar /250 gr. /, 4 soupspoons of flour, 3 soupspoons of wheaten semolina. For the syrup you need: 500 ml of water, a tea cup / 250 gr. /, of sugar and 2 packets of vanilla. The eggs have to be at room temperature. Take a bowl, put in it the sugar and add the eggs. Beat up this mixture with the mixer till it fills up the bowl. /my bowl is 2 l volume/. Add one by one the flour to the well beaten up mixture and stir lightly all the time. Do the same with the semolina. Coat with oil a rectangular or square baking dish with a flat bottom and sprinkle with flour. Shake out the surplus quantity. Pour out the cake in the tin and bake in a preheated oven to 180 gr. till readiness. Leave the ready sponge cake to get completely cool. Prepare the sugar syrup from the water and the sugar. When the syrup starts to boil, take out of the hot-plate and add the packets of vanilla. Carefully pour on the chilled sponge cake and cover with aluminum folio. Leave for several hours until it gets cool and absorbs the syrup. Now, you’ve already got an incredibly tasty and juicy classical dessert!!!

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