Nov 292013
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Tasty bread

Surprise- bread

Recipes for your kitchen- Surprise- bread

Tasty bread for hot appetizer, you’ll impress with it all your guests and friends.

To prepare this tasty bread you need a whole loaf of thick bread, 300-400 gr. high-quality mozzarella, 200-300 gr. nice, well-ripe yellow cheese, green spices on your taste (we’ve chosen marjoram and common balm). You can use leaves of green onions or other aromatic and fresh green spices on your choice. Cut the yellow cheese and the mozzarella at thin bands. Cut all the loaf of tasty bread in length and in width. Be careful. Don’t cut the lower crust to form uniform cubes in all the loaf. Cover a suitable tin with folio, which ends have to be longer to envelop the sides of the prepared loaf of bread and to avoid flowing of the tasty filling. Put the whole bread in the tin with the folio, carefully unfold every side of the formed cubes and put there bands of yellow cheese and mozzarella. If you want, for meat lovers, you can add cubes or slices of nice smoked bacon or another preferred sausage in this cheese filling. The so prepared bread put in a preheated oven to 180 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the cheese molten and the cubes get a nice golden color. You can even pour out the ready bread with 50 gr. molten butter, where you’ve added 2-3 gloves of finely cut garlic, or leaves of green onion. Sprinkle lavishly the baked bread with the green spices. Serve it immediately hot and smelling sweet. At home we often prepare this bread for our family and friends and they all like it very much. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. Have a nice appetite! 

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