Mar 042014
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 stone tiles

          If you want your garden to bring you pleasant emotions and to be practical and unique at the same time, you can make a lovely path of stone tiles.

            First, you must carefully plan the road-bed, where the path will pass and where it will lead to. It’s good to make path forks, leading to a larger tree with a bench or to a small herb and spices rockery. The best and stronger variant is to cast the bed of concrete and then to plaster up the stone tiles. Like this you’ll get a stable construction without flops and shifts in consequence of pouring rains or tunnels driven by moles. Another important advantage is that deep-rooted weeds won’t grow there. Depending on how the gaps are filled, grass could appear between the tiles, if gravel or tiny stones are put. You can pull up or cut it easily, because their roots are quite thin. If you want your path to be clean, without any plants, then you need to fill the gaps with jointing mixture for outdoor use. Gaps could be colored and you can choose the color depending on the color of the stone tiles. If you haven’t fixed the tiles directly on the concrete, you should use high quality flexible stone glue, to stick the tiles to the concrete. An important rule is to clean and skim the path well in advance. At the ends you can form a curb of wood or concrete. If there is a curb, you should provide drains at several places to avoid the appearance of a small pond, when you finish your new path. It’s a good solution to sow beautiful flowers after the season from the two sides of your path. If you want you can refer to a specialized company to construct an effective garden lighting parallel with the path.

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