Feb 132014
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stone pot

A stone pot.

To make this beautiful stone pot, you need an old basket with a suitable form, a little bit wire-net, some flexible glue for tiles and stones at your choice.

Before sticking the stones, you need first to fix the wire-net to the construction of this stone basket so as to cling close and to acquire the relief of the pot. Just with a longer piece of soft wire pass through the net and the basket construction to avoid separation. For the handle, just wrap closely the net on the handle and fix with some wire here and there.  Then mix the glue, which doesn’t have to be too rarefied, lay on the wire-net enough of the glue, like this, when you put the stone, it should sink in the glue at least to the middle. Do the same, until you cover the entire stone basket. You need to clean the stones before the glue has dried, because after that, it will be very difficult. In about a week, if you want, you can polish the stones with a lacquer for stones. In the inner side of the basket you have to put a thicker and strong piece of polythene to avoid running out of water.

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