Feb 272014
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        Stew in a pot

 Stew in a pot with white wine

Food prepared in an earthenware pot has got a unique taste, that’s why I often use it. Today I’m going to reveal the way I prepare stew in a pot.

          To prepare this savory dish you’ll need the following ingredients: 500-600 gr. of pork, cut in large pieces, 4-5 carrots, 3-4 not large onions, some grains of black pepper, salt at taste, 2-3 laurel-leaves, garlic, a glass of white wine, a soupspoon of red pepper, 2 soupspoons of flour. The meat for this tasty stew must be well closed. For this reason, fry it from all sides to golden brown. Like this you’ll improve not only its look but the taste of the stew, too. Cut the onion in large crescents, cut the carrots in large pieces, too, because we cook this stew on a slow fire and they will stay in whole pieces. When the meat is ready and with a nice golden brown, you have to add the onion to fry till nice change in its color. Add the red pepper to the meat and the onion. Stir on the fire for about 30 minutes and remove. Put in an earthenware pot the meat with the onion, add the large pieces of carrots, the garlic, also cut in large slices, the whole laurel-leaves, the black pepper, the salt, the flour, water 600-700 ml and the glass of white wine. (I’ve intentionally chosen white wine here).

Red wine has an astringent taste because of the tannins he contains and it even changes the color of the vegetables in the dish. And this stew must save its fresh color and the sweet taste of the carrots, the onion and the garlic, which are an aromatic addition to the meat.

The as prepared stew put in cold oven and switch to 180 degrees. After an hour, go down the temperature to 150 degrees and still cook for 40 -50 minutes. This dish in an earthenware pot has got unique rich taste and aroma. It’s worth to prepare it!

I garnished every plate with a boiled potato, cut in halves.

Write comments if you’ve got some trouble when preparing or if you want to brag of your culinary achievement.

Stew in a pot.

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