Apr 022014
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spring fever

Now is the season of the tedious spring fever and people often ask how to overcome it!

         Sometimes for no apparent reason, you feel tired, you have no desire to work, and in the evening you hurry to go home and relax. If you have these symptoms, you should know that just after the end of the winter and in early spring signs of spring fever exhibit. Most people suffer from this condition and often attach it to a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the so-called spring fever. The shorter days in winter and the prevailing cloudy weather deprive us of the so esteemed sun. Traditionally in winter people eat much less fresh vegetables and fruit, depriving the body of valuable vitamins and minerals. With the warmer weather and the longer stay in the open air, your body cannot adapt immediately and such states of transition are observed.

        How can we help ourselves in that disagreeable situation, which lasts about 3-4 weeks? At first place is a nourishing and varied diet. You need to take more vegetables and fruit, and you shouldn’t ignore the typical spring nettles, sorrel and spinach. Do more exercise, stake on longer walks outside the city if possible. If you have a bicycle, now is the time to use it of full value. Don’t stake too much on refreshing drinks such as coffee and energy drinks. Better eat 1-2 apples and drink some juice prepared from real fruit. Positive thinking will definitely help you to beat the spring fever, because in these moments some people tend to fall into depression. Therefore, communication with family and friends will help you to cope with the oppressive spring fever. You can easily augment the consumption of natural yogurt, because it sustains the normal intestinal flora and helps the body to absorb all the nutrients. Still you have to know that the so-called spring fever is not a disease but it’s a transitional state of the body, which helps it to adapt to the spring season!

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