Dec 212013
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beautiful small basket


A small basket with a magnet

This is how you can make a beautiful small basket with a magnet. The needed materials for your creation are: cardboard in different colors, a magnet, some glue, quilling paper bands and a punch (a small machine for cutting of certain forms). Cut out with the punch three ellipses. If you haven’t got any punch, you can outline and cut them out by hand. Cut out a piece of cardboard which width has to correspond to the larger part of the ellipse. Cut out one of the ellipses in length through the middle at two equal parts. Cut out from one of the colored cardboards the necessary number of bands, this has to correspond to the number of the festoons on the ellipse of the punch. Also, cut out 5 bands of the other color cardboard with the same length and width. Do the catch with some glue. After you have done the sticking, pass to the fitting of the basket. Knit as you exchange the two colors of the cardboard bands on horizontal and vertical. After the last horizontal row of the bands, turn down and stick them. Then it’s turn to make your flowers for the beautiful small basket of quilling bands. If you have trouble to make them, visit the nearest hobby store, where they’ll help you or you can buy ready flowers. Cut out a band about 2 cm. of frilly cardboard and roll on and stick the end to avoid unrolling.  Put it in your new small basket to fix there your flowers. Now you can put on the back of your basket the magnet with the help of a double sticking scotch. Now your small basket is completely finished and ready to decorate your fridge. It’s suitable for present in any occasion.

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