Dec 292013
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Slimming tip

Perhaps, you’re already bored of keeping to all types of restrictive diets, of feeling permanently hungry and then with horror to notice that the two kilograms you’ve lost for a month, have been restored for only 2-3 days. There are several extremely useful tips, which will help you to slim for any length of time, but you need to be patient and constant.

First tip:

However unbelievable it may sound, you have to take many liquids- water, juices, but without preservents and fillers. Fizzy drinks aren’t advisable.

Second tip: Give advance to the plants of the Bean family. Even though, lately we have almost thrown them away from our menu, they are absolutely compulsory for slender figure maintenance. They are rich in fibers and help to control the blood sugar level which is a basic healthy nutrition factor.

Third tip: Never replace the natural vegetable oils and animal fats with imitating products, or chemically worked to get better consistence or appearance. Just forget the margarine, some vegetable creams or other similar products which they sell in large numbers.

Fourth tip: Leaf vegetables have to be present every day on the table. They contain an extremely great number of vitamins and fibers, as they accelerate the metabolism and contribute to our slimming.

Fifth tip: Row vegetables and fruit benefit is incontestable. Eat them at every opportunity, and don’t worry about your weight.

Sixth tip: Plants rich in phytonicides – like garlic and onion, are a natural medicine, which takes care of the good health state of your constitution, and thence of your good tone. They should be present on your table, no matter how they smell.

Seventh tip: Eat red chili peppers. They contribute to the fat burning of the fat depots and they also accelerate the metabolism.

Eighth tip: Linseed and linseed oil. If you’ve got possibility, consume sometimes of this natural resource. It helps the drawing out of the soluble toxins from the body and at the same time it accelerates the peristalsis.

Ninth tip: Movement! Move every time you’ve got possibility. Walk to work, walk in the office, walk during the lunch break, and walk when you go home. Walking is the worst enemy of fatting!!!

Tenth tip: Eat many times, but small quantities of food!!! The most important: never overeat in the evening. Forget the existence of the fridge and the cupboard with sweets after 19 o’clock.

When you build a nutrition system, observe these tips, the result will inevitably come. But you have to be patient and constant!!! Have a good appetite!

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