Feb 282014
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 Saint Valentine

One of the best holidays during the year is Saint Valentine. This is the celebration of the true and pure sentiment between two people in love.

       That’s why it’s good to surprise your beloved person with a small, but filled with warm feelings, gift, which you have made on your own and given a little part of you in it! We suggest you a non-standard solution as a surprise for Saint Valentine to your kindred soul. This pretty small box in form of a heart can make really happy your closest person. Working out is quite easy and it’s worth to make an effort for this beautiful holyday – Saint Valentine.  First, you must decide how large to be the actual box, and then line out a form of heart on a piece of stronger corrugated cardboard, because it will be the base of your future surprise. Cut correctly the traces of the heart and after that start to stick toothpicks near to the periphery at intervals of 7-8 mm one from other. After you have arranged all the toothpicks you must put a drop of glue C 200 or other suitable glue in the base of every toothpick. After the glue has dried, you can start to construct the box itself. It’s advisable to color the toothpicks in a similar color as the color of the thread to hide the construction, if somewhere the thread is not close-fitting enough. You’ll need a ball of not very thin thread, better pink or red because of the message you want to send for Saint Valentine to your beloved person. Start to weave the sides, as you pass carefully the thread through every toothpick, as shown in the picture. Cut the toothpicks at the same height with the help of a pair of cutters, when you get the needed height. At the beginning and the end of your Saint Valentine box arrange same pearls hemispheres or other suitable ornaments to hide the cardboard and the ending of the box. To make stronger the construction and to avoid unweaving of the thread from the last rows, put some transparent lacquer with the help of a little brush. You can color the bottom or you can stick on a piece of some suitable cloth. Your Saint Valentine box is ready now and if you put there a nice surprise you can delight really your loved person!

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