Nov 302013
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Beautiful roses


Beautiful roses are symbol of the summer.

When you buy rooted roses you can’t always be sure that you buy exactly the noted on the label. We suggest you a manner to get roses that you want. For this purpose you have to cut cuttings of green plant, to clean the leaves and then to shorten them at about 30 cm. dig out a canal about 15 cm deep and fill the bottom with wooden filings to save the humidity when you water the rooting roses. Every branch of the cut and cleaned of the leaves cuttings fixes into a potato and in that way you arrange at intervals of 10 cm in the drawn canal. The as prepared roses cover with soil and water lavishly. After that water at intervals until enough leaves appear. Then replace and transplant the roses at their permanent place without taking away the potato. Another interesting application of the potato is in autumn, if you’ve got a vineyard or trellis vine and you want to save for a long time the freshness of the grape. Just cut the grape cluster with a little bit of its branch and at the lower end fix a big potato. In this way the potato provides humidity and nourishing substances to the grape and it’s fresh for a long time.

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