Nov 132013
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rainbow cream

It is a beautiful jellied cream with the rainbow colors.

For this multi-colored cream you need 650 ml milk and 650 ml fruit or sugar syrup, 40 gr. gelatin, 200 gr. sugar paints for cooking- green, red, yellow, blue and purple. The dose is for a cake pan, 1,5 l capacity.

     To make tasteful the different layers you can use vanilla, orange, crème de menthe, rum essences or other flavors you like. You have to divide the gelatin in two equal parts, 20 gr. Each, as every one has to be dissolved in 100 ml cold water until it swells up. Prepare sugar syrup with 650 ml water and 100 gr. Sugar. As soon as the mixture boils up, take away of the hot- plate and add the first part of the dissolved gelatin, while keep stirring till fully dissolving. Do the same with the milk. Next is the complicated and funny part of this cream. Divide the sugar syrup into 5 equal parts, 150 ml each, and then add one different paint and a flavor in each part of the syrup, as the layers of the multi-colored cream get color and taste. Do the same with the sweetened milk. Leave the colored mixtures to get cool. And now fne cunning: In this time you can put in the freezer the cake pan, that will contribute to quecker cooling and glazing of the cream. As soon as your colored mixtures are well chilled, start to arrange the cream layers. First is the 150 ml transparent layer. Fill it in the cake pan and put it in the freezer to get jellied. After 15 minutes take out the cake pan and fill the same color of the milk mixture. Repeat the cooling and so on take turns transparent and milk mixture till the end. Don` t forget to cool compulsory every layer in the freezer. Now leave the prepared cream in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Before serving wreck the cake pan in hot water and reverse in suitable plate. You will impress your guests and friends, as you combine with an ice-cream ball or fruit syrup.

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  1. This post truly peaked my interest.

  2. That’s nice. hello from kosova

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