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     pastry with eggs

 Today I decided to try a new recipe and for my joy it was a successful experiment! I’ve prepared a pulled cheese pastry with eggs. The recipe is simple and I think that everyone could cope with it.

    To prepare this pulled pastry you need the following ingredients: 3 eggs, a teaspoon of salt, about 600 gr. flour, a soupspoon of oil for the dough, a soupspoon of vinegar /ordinary/, 250 ml warm water, 200 ml oil for dough balls relaxation and 250  gr. cheese.

Beat up with a fork two eggs and add to them the water, the salt, the vinegar and the soupspoon of oil. Sift the flour, do a well and pour the mixture there. Start to knead as you take little by little of the flour. Your pulled pastry dough need to be a little bit harder than the flat loaf dough. Divide the ready dough into 6 – 8 approximately equal pieces. Form well a ball of every piece. Fill 200 ml oil in a suitable tin and arrange in it the balls for the future pulled cheese pastry with eggs. Press them to become flat and to encase in grease.

Cover them with folio and leave to relax for 30-35 minutes. After they have relaxed, take one of the balls and start to pull it with rotary movements as though you make mekitsi. Spread out on a broad board or table a bigger piece of cloth, where you’ll pull the sheets for the savory cheese pastry with eggs. Put the sheet in the middle of the cloth and start to pull tenderly the thick ends of the dough to become thinner.

When the sheet becomes thin and transparent and uniformly pulled from all the sides, sprinkle some of the oil, where the balls are soaked, and sprinkle the sheet with smashed cheese. With the help of the cloth, as shown in the picture, wrap the sheets for your pulled pastry with eggs. Wind the first sheet into a snail and place in the middle of the lightly coated baking dish. Prepare in the same way every next sheet and wind round the center. The ready pulled pastry with eggs pour with the third egg, which you’ve beaten up with a fork.

Bake about 25 minutes to 180 degrees. After baking, sprinkle with some cold water and cover with a cloth for 10 minutes. Good luck in preparing this tasty pulled cheese pastry with eggs!

pastry with eggs

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