Dec 212013
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 With these potatoes you can impress your parents.

If you’ve decided to diversify the supper menu, we recommend you this easy to prepare surprise. You need several /depending on the number of the people/ fresh, big, equal in size potatoes. Wash them well, after that put them for 20 minutes in salty water to boil. Take them out and cool them. Slice the potatoes but leave their base uncut. The filling you can use is highly varied, but we recommend you to use pieces of bacon and yellow cheese. Arrange them into the oven tin, where you’ve spread a sheet of aluminum folio, because while baking the yellow cheese leaks. Bake around 20 minutes to 180gr. take out and garnish immediately with cooking cream and grate an the top some yellow cheese. Put them again in the oven for a while, only to bake the grated cheese. You can pour on again with some garlic sauce and decorate with green parsley leaves. Have a good appetite!

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