Nov 242013
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potato with filling


A tasty potato potato with filling with yellow cheese and… some other thing.

The tastiest potatoes are the domestic ones, but when you buy, choose larger and, if possible, equal size. Boil them and be careful, don’t over boil. Cut a small lid to level up every element. Hollow out carefully with a spoon the interior of every potato; watch to leave an equal wall on all sides. Grate yellow cheese and put on the bottom of every one, some pieces of dried tomato (some sausage or bacon, if you want). On this mixture break a whole egg, put salt and pepper. And a trick for tastier and spicier potatoes: put a thin slice of butter on everypotato potato with filling. Cook the potatoes in a preheated oven till readiness (the egg has to be hard). Add some green spices when you serve them. Bon appetite!

potato with filling

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