Nov 192013
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A pond in the garden


A pond in the garden

Here is a good idea to make a small pond in the garden with an old tractor tyre.

First you have to choose suitable ground for your future pond. After that, dig a bed with a diameter not larger than the size of the tyre, you` re going to use. Cut up the top part of the tyre to the periphery and smooth the borders to avoid tearing of the folio you ` re going to lay after. It is best to use a vinyl for artificial rivers, but if you don` t have one, use a very thick polythene. When there isn` t direct influence of UV rays, the polythene conserve its properties for a very long time. You have to be careful not to damage it mechanically during the running. Lay the polythene just on the bed formed of the tyre and cover in the bottom with tiny river stones. It` s advisable to choose river stones, because they don` t have sharp edges, and look much better than broken stones. You need a pump fountain; you can buy in specialized stores for garden accessories. Then your imagination will help you to decorate your small pond with stones and vegetation, suitable for your project. It` s advisable that your pump has a filter to avoid any muddiness of the water. If you want to create a bio system of living organisms, you mustn’t use chemicals to purify the water. Just keep the pump permanently switched on, and you have to clear the filter.  

    An important advice!

     The electrical supply of the pump must be done by a qualified specialist to avoid accidents during the running.

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