Nov 172013
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piquant cheese pieces


We` ll show you now a tasted recipe for incredibly tasty piquant cheese pieces.

You need the following ingredients: well ripened hard cheese (it could be cow, goat, sheep, mixture, buffalo cheese, or combination of all types), some basil, some oregano, crushed pepper, some gloves of garlic, chilly peppers or chili, some thyme, dried tomatoes, black olives and oil or olive oil. Cut the cheese on cubes size about 2 cm. put a little cheese at the bottom of the jar; add some of the spices, some garlic and some olives. Then cheese again and so on till the jar become full. Pour up brimful until you cover the ingredients with oil and close the jar. Put it in the fridge for 10 days.  Like that all the ingredients will change their flavor and then your piquant cheese pieces will be ready for consumption.

       Have a good appetite!

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