Nov 152013
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pine-apple – how to grow it at home

Do you know it ` s possible to grow a pine-apple at home?

It` s absolutely possible to have a beautiful pine-apple in pot in your room. You need to buy a ripe and fresh pine-apple and then break the leaves off, as shown. After that cut the protruding part of the stem and wreck it in utensil with water, so the water can cover not more than 1 cm from the stem. Put it on a daylight place and watch for the stem not to stay dry. At regular intervals fill water and after several weeks little roots will start to sprout. After they become about 3-4 cm long, carefully transplant your new pine-apple in a pot with soil. Watch for not to break the roots, it` s not necessary to mould it up deeply. That` s enough to cover it with soil not more than 2 cm from the base. Wet the soil well and after that keep up a moderate humidity, for not to damp the roots off. In nature, pine-apple form fruit on the leaves. Good luck! 

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