Jul 272014
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Summer is in, it’s time for pedicure.

Do not forget your feet, which are also in need of care and tenderness and beautiful pedicure. This procedure is not only aesthetic, but also hygienic. To make hygienic pedicure you need to do a relaxing and soothing bath of your feet that will soften rough skin on feet and toes. Aesthetic pedicure is not just toenails polishing. For this purpose you should prepare in advance everything necessary for the home pedicure: container with hot water, bath salts, clean and dry towel, file for heels, nail brush and nail file, and massage, nourishing and moisturizing cream. It’s uncomfortable to stand up during the procedures, because you’ve forgotten something.

Put your feet in hot water and salts for 20-30 minutes. The rough skin on the feet becomes softer and you can be easily remove the dead tissue using a file or pumice stone for feet. Clean the softened cuticles with a special stiff brush for nails. After this procedure, it’s turn of the exfoliating cream with the help of which you should massage your feet very well. Wash your feet with warm water and dry with a soft… (Continued on next page)

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