Dec 282013
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julienne strips


Orange peel julienne strips

The recipe is the following: peel the oranges and remove, as it’s possible, the white part under the peel. Cut the peels into julienne strips. Put the juliennes in a vessel with cold water, enough to cover the peels. Put the vessel on the hot-plate to boil. Repeat this procedure at least 4-5 times to eliminate the bitterness of the peels. In the last water add a tea cup of sugar and, after that strain off the peels well, arrange the strips on a baking paper or folio, sprinkle with sugar, mix well and leave them for 2-3 days to dry. After that, melt chocolate at choice-milk or natural, on water-bath. Dip every piece in the molten chocolate and place on the folio to harden the chocolate. And have a good appetite!

We’re looking forward to reports! The recipe is many times repeated.

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