Nov 192013
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mini garden in a basket


It is a wonderful idea to create a lovely mini garden at home or on the balcony or as an accent in your garden.

You need a beautiful basket, flowers soil and different decoration elements. First you have to put on the basket some layers of acrylic lacquer in and outside, to safeguard it from the influence of the soil humidity and atmospheric conditions. After that put a polythene bag and fill in the flowers soil. Carefully and correctly cut the polythene bag. It isn` t advisable that the bag shows a lot above the level of your new mini garden. Then you have to use your creative skills to decorate the garden on your own taste. Take different size river stones, clean well and polish them with a transparent acrylic lacquer if you want to save their natural color. If you want you can paint them in different colors with an acrylic paint and to paint in them various figures. As a base on the meadow you can sow some grass, but it will be necessary to cut it regularly for not to become too high and to hide your decoration. You can use some moss, too, you can find on the trees. But in this case, direct sunshine is not advisable, because the moss will die. With the help of small correctly cut elements of branches and leaves create the accents in your mini garden. This occupation is convenient especially for little children, because with their help you can experiment and have fun until you get final result. After that they will take care with pleasure of the plants and the decoration of their mini garden. It is good to sow several sorts of climbing and low-growing plants, as violets, for example, and to watch if they receive enough humidity in soil. You can build in a small box with some water to simulate a small lake or pool. With different mini figures you can create real vision of your new mini garden.

    Good luck in your new initiative!

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