Jan 122014
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interesting micro garden

DIY micro garden


Make on your own this interesting micro garden of a ceramic pot.

You need a bigger ceramic pot, where you’ll gather your entire micro garden. If you can’t cut out on your own the ceramic pot in a suitable form, then find a specialist, who will cut professionally the different forms and elements of your future creation. After you’ve done some precursory preparation you can start improvising with the plants’ arrangement. You need a mix of soil and compost for climbing plants, because they will represent the predominant part of your micro garden type – make on your own. Put a little soil at the bottom and press it to avoid subsiding later. Put ceramic pieces so that you get terraces and to prevent coming out of soil. Put soil again and press too and do the same till you finish your micro garden form. You better use climbing plants for arrangement, because they are short, endure well unfavorable atmospheric conditions and they are very beautiful. Choose several kinds and sow them according to your desired order, but it’s good to sow the lower at the front. You can fill the visible part between the plants with small river stones, broken barks or larger mosaics. If you sow grass, some time later it will start to grow between the actual plants and it will be difficult to eliminate it. That’s why you can use wooden moss as a complementary decoration. You can sow some low growing flowers, which will be an accent in your garden. It’s important to keep the soil humid, but not wet to avoid rotting of the roots of your basic plants – the climbing ones. They don’t like too much humidity. With the help of different wooden or ceramic figures you can create interesting composition and joy for children. One of the advantages of this micro garden type – make on your own is, that it develops different artistic skills in children, which will take care of their micro garden. Probably it will be necessary to replace the pot sometimes. For that reason it’s good to make a grille of wooden laths and to fix on it small wheels for furniture, so you could easily replace it.

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