Jan 212014
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Collection of recipes- Mackerel with roast potatoes



Here is a suggestion for a tasty and healthy lunch or diner: mackerel with roast potatoes.

Take one mackerel for each and provide the quantity of the potatoes for every portion, depending on their size. Clean every mackerel as you remove the head, take out the entrails, cut down from the top to the bottom. In the abdominal cavity of the cut mackerel you’ll see a black or lead grey membrane, which you must remove at all costs, because when cooking the fish, this membrane will give a bitter taste of your mackerel.

Salt and sprinkle lightly lemon juice, /which will save the meat hard and tight/, coat with a little vegetable or olive oil. While your fish is assuming the taste, rinse the potatoes very well, because you’ll boil them without peeling. Put the potatoes in a pot with cold water, just enough to cover them, and put on the hot-plate to boil. Catch out 20 minutes when they start to boil, as you go down the temperature of the hot-plate. After you’ve taken them out of the hot-plate, pour out the water and cut the potatoes in half, but be careful, it’s hot. Take a bigger suitable tin, where you can arrange your mackerel and the cut in half potatoes. Spread some baking paper on the tin’s bottom; arrange the pieces of mackerel and between them the potatoes, but be careful , don’t place them on the fish.

Salt and coat with olive oil the potatoes, too. You can sprinkle some black pepper or another spices, we’ve put in the present recipe some thyme, which gives an extremely delicious taste. You can even arrange slices of a lemon between the mackerel pieces and the potatoes and when you cook the dish the lemon will give a very nice taste, too. Roast your mackerel in a preheated oven to 180 degrees for about 20-30 minutes till the potatoes get a nice golden brown. The ready mackerel serve with the roast potatoes, garnished with fresh lemon slices and a glass of well chilled white wine.

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