Dec 052013
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beautiful effect


If you have to do some repairs at home and you want to give some variety of the walls with this beautiful effect, you can experiment with this cunning.

It’s advisable to try this techniques on a small section, witch is at a more sheltered place and after that continue boldly with all the lodging. It’s necessary to prepare first the walls for painting as you remove the damaged sections and putty them. After that, if necessary, prime the walls and then start painting. You have to coat at least twice the walls with paint. You’ll get this effect with the second layer of paint. The first layer has to be lighter. After you’ve painted the walls, wait at least 6 hours to dry (depending on the temperature and the humidity of the air, it could be advisable to wait even 24 hours). After that, start to do this unique effect. First, coat a thick layer of paint with a roller and until it hasn’t dried yet put on the wet section a thin sheet of polythene folio. Don’t pull and smooth the folio. Then with a wide, soft brush smooth the folio and unstuck. Where the folio folds are, they imprint on the wall. In this way, the lower lighter layer gives an interesting structure of the paint.

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