Jan 192014
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natural lemon




    From the remote past people knew the unique and useful qualities of the natural lemon and used it in the kitchen and as a natural remedy. In the past it had been used as the basic vitamin C deliverer of the constitution and used to be the basic medicine against scurvy. Nowadays, the yellow lemon finds application everywhere in our daily life and cosmetics. We use it as a natural aroma in confectionery and cookery. They use as well the juice as the lemon peel to prepare different cakes, bonbons and sweets. The fresh aromatic juice of a lemon can easily replace usage of different kinds of vinegar when preparing salads and soups. It’s particularly suitable when preparing and consuming all kinds of fish and fish products. If you dissolve the juice of a lemon in cool water and drink it, it will exert extremely beneficial influence on the tone of all your constitution. In the evening, before going to bed, if you drink a glass of lemon juice dissolved in water and a little bit honey, you’ll get an extremely sound sleep. Lemon influences well on the liver’s functions and helps it to cleanse the toxins, which it remakes. Lemon juice has strongly marked antiseptic properties, that’s why it has to be present on the table during the winter, when the constitution has abate resistant powers against illnesses. Lemon juice mixed with olive oil is a perfect cleaning and refreshing device for face and hands skin.

    Lemon juice is an ideal helper in household.

You can clean very well the nickel-plated surfaces of the mixing tap and the bathroom and kitchen accessories as you rub lavishly their surfaces with a half of a lemon and in 10 minutes rinse with water. Metal surfaces will acquire brilliance too, if you treat them with lemon juice. It’s ideal to clean the fridge and the microwave oven, because it has strongly marked antibacterial properties. It cleans and disinfects without using expensive and harmful preparations. You can clean perfectly your windows, as you add 2 soup spoons of lemon juice to 2 l of water. Also, lemon can be used as a wonderful decoration at home. When you buy lemons, choose well ripe ones, because they have most healthy substances, nice aroma and are less acid.

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