Aug 032014
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summer, when your lavender is in blossoms, cut with scissors the flowers and dry in the shade.My advice is not to trim it in the fall. Do it in the new spring. Thus, if the winter was very frosty and has frozen some branches, you’ll revive it with pruning.Cut 10-something cm from the tip.So your lavender will freshen and thicken.If there are many frozen sections, cut it to not less than 10-15 centimeters from the substrate.Don’t be worried that too many new branches will appear.In the summer water the plants thoroughly once a month. The blossoms of the lavender are used to prepare medicinal teas and potions for various health problems such as headaches, insomnia, to do therapeutic pillows, placed between blankets and clothing against moths. Lavender fragrance also has application in culinary. I make lavender sugar for sweets, syrup and candy to decorate cakes. I encourage everyone who likes the natural scent of lavender to plant it. Do not hesitate to ask your questions about growing lavender, just ask and I will answer you.

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