Aug 032014
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 We grow lavender for quite some time. This amazing plant, known in the past for its quality, fills with its aroma more and more yards.

    Today I’ll tell you about the way I grow lavender in my garden and I’ll share with you my experience. First, I will give you information about the Lavender plant itself, which is a part of Lamiaceae family.This oleaginous plant is widely used in the folk medicine.The blossoms of the fragrant lavender are used in the manufacture of perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, varnishes and paints.Recently, lavender is more and more often used to storage of clothes as an insecticide against cloth-moth.It’s a valuable nectiferous plant. In Bulgaria, the first lavender plants were imported back in 1907.Today we are one of the leading manufacturers in the world on par with France.That’s enough with this kind of information; let’s shift to growing lavender in the yard. First, I want to say that to make nice, sturdy seedlings you should be very patient.Seeds of all oilseeds have an extremely hard shell. So they requires a long time until they split apart and begin to develop.That’s why I recommend you to do the following thing. I recommend you do the sowing of the seeds in the fall, so that you could plant your lavender in the middle of the coming summer. Take 2-3 sachets of lavender seeds; you can buy them from the agro shops.Prepare a large bucket or pail of paint. Fill ¾ of its volume with soil from the garden, not soil, they sell in the stores.Spread the seeds evenly over the surface and throw at them a thin layer of soil.Water regularly until the weather gets cold. All winter the bucket stands out.When spring comes again, start with periodic watering.Don’t allow drying of the soil. Keep the container with the seeds at penumbra.Somewhere at the end of May you’ll see the first leaves of your lavender. You can move it to a sunnier place.Don’t forget to water it. In mid-July, it’s ready you to plant it in the garden.Lavender is not capricious on soil; it’s even used in many places to strengthen the land, if sliding down the soil, as a good root system.It likes a lot of sun, so it’s probably the only requirement.From the experience I have with the cultivation of lavender, I’ll advise you to cover with straw the base of young shrubs during the first two years in the late autumn before the snow fall. This will protect them from frost bite at the base.Welive in central northern Bulgaria and winter temperatures there drop to -20-25 degrees.For warmer areas there’s no problem.From the third year onwards the plant is strong enough and it’s not necessary to cover it. During the…

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