Nov 192013
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kettle decoration


Kettle decoration. A unique river stones decoration. With this idea you can transform your old kettle into a work of art on your own.

For this purpose you need small flat river stones which first you have to color in different colors. Do it with acrylic paints and leave them to dry. After that skim and clean very well the old kettle to be ready for the new decoration. The colored stones stick with C200 or another high quality FIX glue. After you have arranged your composition, it is necessary to wait at least 24 hours to dry. Then it is turn to your artistic thinking. With the help of ready 3D elements, a contour and acrylic paints create your masterpiece. When you finish your composition and the paints are dried, put on some layers of transparent acrylic lacquer to safeguard the surface. Like this your decoration is ready and you have to decide what for you will use your creation. You may fill in some soil and plant flowers, may use it as a vase for dried flowers, or just it may be an accent in your interior.

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