Dec 092013
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jewellery box

jewellery box


It’s a beautiful and functional jewellery box, which you can make at home with materials at hand.

You need a board with length about 130 cm and width 12 cm, nails, three lovely small door handles and 4 or 8 hooks for handing. Cut out the board at separate elements: 3 elements at 30 cm and 2 elements at 16 cm. fit them together in the way shown on the picture and after that smooth the borders with fine sandpaper. If you want to leave the natural wood color just polish some times with an acrylic lacquer, but wait every previous layer to dry well. You can paint your jewellery box in suitable color, depending on your interior. After the paint has dried well, fix the decorative handles on the face side and put sideways the handing hooks. Fix the box well to the wall with dowels and screws, or with hooks. If you want, you can place a not big mirror in a suitable frame. So you’ll have a beautiful place to save your jewellery and in the same time it will be an accent in the interior.

jewellery box

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