Feb 182014
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Interesting ideas

You’ll see here some interesting ideas, which will lend variety to your home.

      Look at this interesting way to keep bread and other foodstuffs. If you’ve decided to change your kitchen furnishing or you’re glad to have a new home, we suggest you to improve our suggestion. Extremely functional, these drawers will certainly help you while cooking and preserving foodstuffs. Baskets could be easily taken away from their beds and easily cleaned, too, as the food you keep there would be quite available and preserved form dust and unwanted smells.

Interesting ideas

          More interesting ideas:

You can see here how to make an interesting wooden pencil-box. For this purpose you need a small wooden block, well dried to avoid splitting after some time. With the help of an electrical drill bore a great number of holes with diameter of about 1 cm and depth of about 3-4 cm. Do the openings a little bit larger to put there pencils, full masters, pens and other tiny accessories. You can color the wood with an acrylic paint or just paint something on, to be your pencil-box more interesting.

Interesting ideas

         See more interesting ideas:

We suggest you an interesting solution to keep your towels and other accessories in your home. These wicker baskets have a metal frame with the help of which their construction is made, and with the help of L-shaped hooks you can fix them well to the wall. They are intended to keep your towels, but they are a wall decoration as well. You can arrange there books, you can place a bowl with flowers or beautiful souvenirs.

Look at this very interesting cupboard for the hall, where you can arrange your shoes, and you’ve got a stand on top for a vase with flowers or other things. You need some boards and screws for wood and you can easily make it. Polish the surfaces with a suitable transparent or colored lacquer, depending on the interior.

Interesting ideas

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