Mar 192014
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ideas for the yard

Spring is coming on and there we’ll show you some very interesting ideas for the yard and garden. If you own a house with a garden or yard, you can improve our suggestions.

       Beautiful ideas for the yard. This excellent , will create a new image of your garden and will be a wonderful place, where you could prepare savory food outdoors. With the help of single standard bricks and a piece of strong waterproof plywood or thicker sheet iron you can build the whole construction. The interesting here is that you can make this barbecue in two ways. The first way is to stick the bricks with some suitable flexible glue for outdoor use and the construction will stay permanently at the chosen place, the other way is to build the barbecue without jointing the separate bricks and this will give you the possibility to move the construction if necessary. You can buy the metal grill or you can make it on your own of rebar.

                   Beautiful ideas for the yard!

 Beautiful ideas for the yard

       If you want to grow on your own domestic vegetables, look carefully at this our suggestion and you’ll see that this initiative is not difficult at all. And the pleasure to pick your home- produced vegetables is enormous.  If you use same transport pallets, you can make a wonderful vegetable garden with dividers between the different vegetables. You can also remove easily the weeds and to watch for garden pests appearance.

                   More ideas for the yard!

 Beautiful ideas for the yard 4

        And here we present you several ideas for the yard. First, an idea to build a little pond, second, an idea to decorate unequally the shore of this pond, and third, beautiful design of the pond shore with river stones. All these ideas for the yard put together create an incredibly good looking landscape installation in the garden. To construct the pond you’ll need confide in specialists skilled in the art, while you can improvise for the decoration.  And you can have these beautiful plants in hemp sacks, too. For this purpose, use plastic bags, where you have to put compost soil mixture for the plants, and then place these plastic bags into hemp sacks for potatoes, coffee or something else.

              Beautiful ideas for the yard!



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