Feb 112014
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We suggest you a wonderful idea to create spring mood at home with the help of hyacinth bulbs.

   Practically, there is no difference if you grow the hyacinth bulb in a pot with soil or in a cup of water. The bulbs have got enough quantity of accumulated nourishing substances to create an excellent spring mood in your home. You better buy your bulbs from specialized flower shops, where they sell ready “forced” bulbs. There the florists will explain you what exactly to do. But you can either try to grow a beautiful hyacinth in your home. Take hale bulbs and place them in small transparent glass vases or glasses, as shown in the picture. Fill in some water enough to cover only the top of the hyacinth bulb with the roots. Till the roots form, your hyacinth must be in dark and not too warm place. The temperature mustn’t be more than 15 degrees and less than 1 degree. After the roots have grown, you can put it in a light place, for ex: at the window. Change the water every 15-20 days. When your hyacinth fades, wait for the leaves to become yellow and then dry well the bulb and cut the stem about a centimeter from the bulb. Probably, the next year this bulb won’t blossom, that’s why it‘s good to force another bulb in the next winter. The odds are that small bulbs /daughters/ would appear on your bulb. You have to break them off and save them separately. The “daughters” usually blossom the second year, and the first one a unique leaf grows, which aim is to fatten the bulb, so it can blossom the next year. You can plant the collected bulbs in October – November in the garden. If you grow hyacinths in the garden, you must raise the bulbs in June or July. You can sow an entire group of flowers, that’s good every hyacinth to be in a different color to be your room filled with unique flower mood and an excellent fragrance.

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