Dec 052013
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yummy honey


The healthy qualities of the honey are well-known.

It’s an excellent device to hold up a good healthy condition, a good vital tone, a perfect beautification device. Besides, it’s an excellent preserving instrument and in combination with other healthy natural products contributes more to the good healthy condition of the modern man. There are many kinds of honey, but sometimes the dealers aren’t loyal enough toward the costumers and they don’t offer pure honey. If you want to lend variety to your honey menu, buy pure one from a checked source, best from a bee-master you know, and pour on a cut in pieces lemon in a jar, then put in the fridge. In a few days you’ll have a wonderful device to fortify your health with a very nice scent. You can even eat the lemon pieces, because their taste won’t be so acid. In the same way you can pour on with pure honey some walnuts, peanuts or almonds. The taste is incredible.

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