Nov 122013
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If you have an old cask in your basement you can do a unique home enoteca.

Now, in the season of wine, if you have your own production of wine, you can keep it to mature and to show it to all your guests. For that purpose, you have to saw through the middle the staves of the cask to form the two doors. Because after the scission the staves divide into separate parts, you have to fix them by sticking and fortifying through the middle with the bottle stand. Put the knuckles so you can open and close the doors lightly. The bottle stands themselves you can make in the shown way or improvise, but if you save the bottles for a long time, they obligatory have to be in horizontally position. It is desirable that the surface to be polished in and outside with an acrylic lacquer. In this way you will have a splendid table – enoteca, that is hiding lovely things inside

home enoteca

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  1. Mnogo prakti4no i udobno prisposoblenie .

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